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​Capturing Atari with a super lightweight ball float

Atari of Tenkara is difficult to understand. As a result, it is often said that "I caught it" instead of "I caught it". I want to put the hair on the flow as I want and catch one of my memories by myself! As a method for that purpose, we will introduce an ultra-lightweight ball float for Tenkara.

The only downside to using Tenkara Tamauki is casting. If you do a general tenkara cast, you will inevitably have a lot of line troubles due to the ball float. We recommend that you remember "Tenkara roll cast" which reduces line troubles and has many benefits. Practical commentary on the YouTube channel [Hairbari Biyori]!



​ Large eyes and excellent hooking performance! presbyopia fur

​ Tenkara Tamauki Thorough Explanation
What are the four advantages of the ball float mechanism?

​ I want to enjoy fishing without stress! However, I often feel stressed because it is difficult to pass the line through the eye. We would like to introduce a presbyopia hair burr with large eyes that relieves such annoyance. We use a needle with a special coating called nano smooth coat, and we have finished it with a bristles that are particular about hooking and being hard to come off. All patterns are hairy fish that more than 100 river fish mistaken for bugs in actual fishing. It is a special hair burr recommended for those who do not have presbyopia!


We accept barbless processing! (No processing fee)
​We will use an electric file to finish your order into a barbless hook that is friendly to both fish and humans.
When ordering, please contact by email or using the form below. Please order early as it may take up to a week to ship.




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