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Recommended for tenkara fishing in the summer.

It uses a needle with a special coating called Nano Smooth Coat, which pursues hooking and difficulty in breaking.

The eye is made by hand with a No. 4 nylon line, making it easy to pass through the line, so it is recommended for people with presbyopia and beginners.

The length and number of rotations of the hackle, the thickness of the body,

Focusing on the overall balance,

It is a hair burr packed with "fishing elements" based on fishing experience so far.

I imagine a terrestrial (insect).

Hook: Nano Yamame No. 8

(It's an orthodox size hair burr)

Body: Peacock Harle

hackle cock saddle brown

The price is for one.

presbyopia summer bug

Sales Tax Included
  • *Because each one is handmade, the size of the eye is not exactly the same.

    *The eye is made of nylon line, so be careful not to cut the eye when replacing the lining.

    *Keep out of reach of children. Also, the needles with nano-smooth coating catch fish well, but please be careful as they can easily stick to the human body and clothes.

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